I want to change my name. How do I change my name?
  • "A persons name is one of the most important issues in people’s lives, because a person’s name is a title which says something about him, and is essential for communicating with him. It is an adornment and symbol for the person, by which he is called in this world and in the Hereafter. It is indicative of the religion to which he belongs, and makes him feel that he is one of the followers of that religion. It gives an impression of him to other people, and in their view it is like a garment.

    There are some names that are more beloved to Allah than others and certain names that are forbidden (haram) and certain ones that are disliked (makroo).

    It is according to the sunnah (the examples of the Prophet's life what he said, did, implemented, how he implemented), to change a bad name (whether it is an Arabic name or any other language) immediately, and it is permissible according to sunnah to exchange a name for a better one."