What are the relation between Islam and the Environment?
  • "Responsible stewardship is a theme also shared by Muslims. In ""Environmental Protection in Islam"" published by the Meteorology and Environmental Protection Administration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prophet Muhammad's stance on the environment is quite clear: ""Created beings are the dependents of God, and the creature dearest unto God is he who does most good to God's dependents,"" it says. Humans' good deeds therefore, ""are not limited to the benefit of the human species but rather extend to the benefit of all created beings.""

    Similar to the Jewish and Christian faiths, human beings are seen in Islam as stewards of the environment, but more in line with Judaism, a principal belief amongst Muslims is that, a human is ""only a manager of the earth and not a proprietor."" Therein lies among Muslims an appreciation of a profound duty to protect the Earth, many believe. But vitally, the belief system is not just based on what humans do now, more what they set up for humans to come. Continuing the theme of stewardship, we are permitted to enjoy the fruits of the earth, but Earth must not be ruined for our descendents: ""Man should not abuse, misuse, or distort the natural resources as each generation is entitled to benefit from them but is not entitled to ""own"" them in an absolute sense."""