What is islam's message in preserving environment
  • "slam's message is strong and clear when it comes to preserving the environment and ‎respecting nature; these are inherent values of the faith. With the world's attention ‎shifting towards climate change and our role in the rapid destruction of our ‎environment, ethical principles promoted by Islam that encourage green living need ‎to be acknowledged and promoted.‎

    The environment lies at the core of the Islamic faith, and the underlying principal ‎that forms the foundation of the Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) holistic environmental ‎vision is the belief in the interdependency between all natural elements, and the ‎premise that if humans abuse or exhaust one element, the natural world as a whole ‎will suffer direct consequences. The Quran clearly explains that humankind holds a ‎privileged position among God's creations on Earth: he or she is chosen as khalifa, ‎‎'vice-regent' and is entrusted with an amana – the responsibility of caring for God's ‎earthly creations. ‎"