Some people do not give due importance to worshipping by saying, "Allah will forgive all sins except
  • "Worshipping is a kind of thanking the Lord in return for the boons He gives us. Man should be conscious of it whether Paradise and Hell exist or not.

    The reason why we perform worshipping is that it is Allah's order. We should not worship in order to go to Paradise or to escape from Hell.

    Every believer knows that he performs prayers for Allah. He stands in the presence of his Lord five times a day.

    The following statement of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi will clarify the issue:

    ""I neither care for Paradise nor fear Hell.""

    To know that Allah's order is superior to everything will place the love of worshipping in our hearts.

    Allah states the following in the Quran:

    ""I have only created jinn and men, that they may serve Me.""(adh-Dhariyat, 51/56)

    Every deed has a purpose. The reason why this universe was created and arranged is to give humans and jinn the duty of ""worshipping Allah"". Everybody who has consciousness and will needs to know and worship Allah. This is, so to speak, the divine purpose for the creation of things by Allah.

    Worshipping means to fulfill the orders of God Almighty and to represent the responsibilities of being a slave of Allah. Servitude is interpreted as having the consciousness of a slave.

    The religious meaning of worshipping is fulfilling the orders of Allah through a sincere intention, expecting to get rewards and thinking about being close to Allah. When we use the word worshipping, we mean both worshipping and being close to Allah. If we think of the fact that jinn and humans were created only to worship Allah, we can say that worshipping means obeying and fulfilling all of the orders Allah.

    According to a widespread belief among people, worshipping consists of only prayers, fasting, zakah and hajj. Such a belief is sound but to restrict the scope of worshipping in terms of form and number will cause fruitlessness in terms of understanding. In fact, five principles that are regarded as the pillars of Islam can be accepted as a summary and basic principles of worshipping. When we expand them and take the other forms of worshipping into consideration, we will see that the whole religion of Islam appears.

    Worshipping, which consists of man's turning toward Allah with all of his self, feelings, all of his inner and outer faculties, mental faculties, head and tongue, is a systematic way of acting. It is not possible to interpret worshipping as 'adoring/idolizing' since it encompasses all of the meanings above. Adoring and idolizing consist of a simple orientation and deeds done without a system that lacks real consciousness and intention. Idolaters' bowing down before some deities except Allah, living and non-living beings that they accept as mediators between themselves and Allah, adoring some objects can be called adoring and idolizing but not worshipping. For, worshipping is peculiar to Allah Almighty. Yes, only Him can we worship."