Are violation of personal rights in question between Muslims and non-Muslims living in Europe / fore
  • "It is not permissible to violate rights of others even if they are unbelievers. Our religion does not differentiate between Muslims and unbelievers regarding personal rights.

    If the state gives you some money because you are unemployed and if you are not supposed to be paid any money under normal conditions since you work, it is not appropriate to get this money by giving a false declaration.

    Personal rights are a person's own rights; so, it is necessary for a person to be careful about personal rights of both Muslims and non-Muslims. A person who wrongs others will be accounted for it in the hereafter.

    According to Abu Hanifa and Imam Muhammad, it is not permissible for a Muslim who is in a non-Muslim country to deceive both Muslims and non-Muslims and to grab the property of both Muslims and non-Muslims. For, the religion of Islam is a religion of tolerance and virtue; therefore, it forbids treason, immoral and evil deeds everywhere.

    For instance, if a person goes to Europe or to a non-Muslim country and finds something belonging to the state or to a person there, he has to give it to its owner. (Hidaya, II/66)"