What are some of the best ways you’ve seen Muslim Americans addressing the mental health needs of th
  • "What’s often helped is to draw from the hadith or verses of the Quran that support the idea of community involvement and care for one another. There’s a hadith of the Prophet in which he says if a believer alleviates the suffering of someone, that will alleviate the suffering of that person in the next life. Being able to assist a person in their time of need brings great reward. If we are not compassionate for those who are struggling, then this is something that goes against our fundamental values and our obligation and duty as Muslims.

    Also I think the more that [interfaith work] happens, it diminishes the strength of Islamophobia. When you’re in an interfaith setting it’s rooted in a universal value and appreciation for faith. Having that support from other communities is very validating, and it takes some pressure off the Muslim community to have to constantly defend our right to practice as Muslims."