Belief in the Hereafter: Any Benefits?
  • "Of the fundamental creeds of Islam known as the Pillars of Faith, the following three are the most significant:
    1. “Tawheed” (the Oneness of God): This signifies the belief in Allah as the One God, the Creator, the Sustainer, and the Sovereign Law-Giver of the universe.
    2. “Risalah” (Divine guidance): This is the belief in the guidance of God sent down through His prophets and embodied in the revealed Books of God.
    3. “Akhirah” (the Hereafter): This is the belief in the resurrection of the dead on the Last Day to be followed by Divine judgment, whereby one’s rightful place in the Hereafter is determined.
    Of the above creeds, your question is about the third one concerning resurrection and the Hereafter:
    Muslims believe that a human is a combination of body and soul, and at the time of death, a person’s soul is separated from his or her body.
    When the body is buried, it decomposes and becomes one with the dust. The soul, on the other hand, continues to live, but it is passive in a state of sleep until it is resurrected with the body on the Day of Judgment.
    The Day of Judgment is the occasion when all the souls of all the persons who lived here are resurrected with their bodies and are gathered together for Judgment."