What is the Quranic definition of the Zakat?
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    The Zakat is an obligatory payment on all believers who have an income. This payment is to be paid to in accordance to God's instructions (see section 6).

    ""They ask you what to spend, say: ‘al-affwoo’. God thus clarifies the revelations for you that you may reflect."" 2:219

    The Key word in this verse is the word ""al-affwoo"". To be able to determine what is exactly meant by this word we should look at other Quranic verses that employ the same word. The following are some Quranic verses that are of special significance to our inquiry:
    ""Then they set up the calf after the miracles came to them, 'fa afawna aan zalika' (We pardoned them for that)."" 4:153

    ""(those) who spend in prosperity and hardship, and the suppressors of rage, and 'al-aafeen aan al-naas' (the ones who pardon the people). God loves the good-doers."" 3:134

    It is significant that God did not define or quantize the exact portion of our incomes which we are able to give to charity and be able to overlook it (not ask for it back). God knows that this will be different for each individual and directly dependant on each's income and circumstances. It is also dependant on each person's desire to do righteousness. Consequently, God left it to each indivual to assess his/her own needs and obligations, and then decide what portion of one's excess income that can be given away and overlooked without incurring any hardship.
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    And Allah knows best.