I used to give zakat to Orphanage and madarasas. Somebody told me that the zakat money cannot be use
  • "Answer:
    Zakat must be given to the poor and needy. Zakat cannot be used directly for constructing a madrassa or an orphanage.

    You should give out your zakat personally to the poor and needy who are eligible to accept zakat. If you choose to give your zakat to an organization make sure that there are competent Ulama there who are well versed in the laws of Zakat. You should not give your zakat to an organization where there are no reliable Ulama and the organization is not well versed in the laws of zakat. If they did not discharge your zakat according to Shariah, your zakat obligation will not be fulfilled. And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.
    The answer has been taken from various sources of scholars, academics and muslim inspire research team – and we do not verify its accuracy And Allah knows best."