As the number of Muslim charities registered with the Charity Commission demonstrates, UK Muslims are a generous community as well as one with strong connections to the developing world.  However, the Muslim charity sector has been slow to move beyond simply giving money to engage in more sophisticated lobbying and campaigning work. Though there are signs things are changing, more needs to be done to ensure that Muslim civil society is fully involved in today’s pressing moral debates. “Muslims give more to charity than any other religious group” Muslims give more to charity than other religious groups, new research suggests. At almost £371 each, Muslims topped the poll of religious groups that give to charity. When they donated last year, atheists averaged £116, The Times reported The ICM poll found that Jewish donors gave an average of £270 per person. Roman Catholics averaged just over £178, Christians just under £178 and Protestants £202. According to the poll of 4,000, carried out in conjunction with the JustGiving website, nearly four in 10 atheists did not donate at all, compared to three in ten Muslims, Catholics and other Christians, nearly three in ten Protestants and more than four in ten Jewish people “JustGiving said a growing number of Muslims were making their charitable donations online. Zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, is the compulsory giving of a proportion of one’s wealth to charity. JustGiving said religious charities such as Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief benefited most, but many donations also went to the likes of Cancer Research, Macmillan and the British Heart Foundation.” Organisations such as The Muslim Charities Forum is an umbrella organisation for Muslim-led international NGOs, based in the UK. Since its inception in 2007 they have promoted collaborative working and knowledge sharing while supporting their member organisations through advocacy, training and research. MCF members have a collective income of £150,000,000 and work in 71 countries. More collaboration and unified working is required both internationally and at home in the UK. Most British Muslim charities also have a number of UK community projects helping the elderly, children and the most vulnerable in society. For a comprehensive list of British Muslim Charities and Non profit Organisations, and the work and impact they make please follow the link to the Inspiring Organisations section of our website

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