Building Positive Identity

Muslim Inspire believes that we should all have the opportunity to play an active part in the community we live in and make a positive contribution to British society. We promote active citizenship and volunteering, including work to remove barriers to participation for disadvantaged groups.

With the aim of replacing ‘tolerance’ with ‘understanding’, we support programmes that encourage confident identities in young people and adults, while deepening their understanding and connection with people from different backgrounds.

The latest census puts Britain’s Muslim community at circa 2.8 million. Britain is home to one of the most diverse Muslim communities on earth.

The largest communities originate from South Asia, but there are also many Arab and African communities, as well as communities from South-East Asia, the Balkans and turkey. They’re also many Muslims who have reverted to Islam from other faiths.

Islam is the second largest faith group in the United Kingdom. As a faith community, we transcend colour or race. We are indeed a diverse community of communities, with the rich mosaic that makes the Muslim world represented in the British Muslim Community. But we are bound by a common commitment to God, Allah and his last Prophet, and the ethos to serve Him and seek the common good.

“The British Muslim Community truly represents the diversity of the Muslim world”

 Muslim communities are spread throughout the British Isles, and are represented in all areas of British economic, cultural and political life. From SME businesses, from law and accountancy to IT, from the National Health Service to teaching, transport and public services, from politics and the media to sport, art and fashion, Muslims are making a valuable contribution to Britain’s multi-ethnic, multi-faith society.

We are a young community of communities, 47% of Muslims were born in the UK, There are nearly 300,000 Muslims between the age of 9-14, and 53.9% of Muslims are below the age of 19.

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