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Aaqil Ahmed grew up in up in the north of England is also a practicing Muslim engaged in media and programming in the U.K. Regardless of the way that the greater part of residents in the United Kingdom is Christians, he was delegated Commissioning Editor, Religion with Head of Religion & Ethics, the primary Muslim to hold the position at the BBC for the taxpayer funded BBC since April 2009. Amid, this time, the BBC has been blamed for against Christian inclination.

Aaqil has been in post for near five years. At present Aaqil consolidates commissioning the religious TV yield with dealing with the in-house multimedia and sound Religion & Ethics Department and being the BBC's general Head of Religion. He is a Professor at The School of Media & Performing Arts, Middlesex University; a standard speaker plus author of the Media and Cultural Diversity also has played a role as a group member or chair to different educational and business associated groups from once being a trustee of the Runnymede trust to being a guiding group member of the religion and society program.

Contributions / Achievements:

Aaqil is as of now a board member from Mosaic (a Muslim mentoring association set up through Prince Charles), Chair of the Creative Diversity Network Commissioning Group, a supporter of the Curriculum For Cohesion also the President of the BBC Black & Asian Workers Forum.

Influence & Impact on the community:

In the course of recent years, Aaqil has authorized projects as different as The Life of Muhammad, The Ottomans, and Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve, The Preston Passion. He additionally drives the in-house group’s scope of the Papal visit plus the award winning 50th commemoration of Songs of Praise also Heads an office that likewise delivers radio output, for example, Thought for the Day along with the Moral Maze. At Channel 4 he appointed award-winning and class characterizing projects, for instance, Inside The Mind of the Suicide Bomber, Priest Idol, Saving Africa's Witch Children as well as The Qur'an. Preceding joining Channel 4 in 2003, he put in more than ten years production at the BBC taking a shot at a rich blend of programming from Panorama to Everyman.


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