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Ahmed Versi full name Ahmed Jafferali Versi, 57, is the publisher plus editor of The Muslim News. Coming to more than 140,000 individuals in the UK, it is the biggest dissemination daily paper for Muslims in Britain. Beside its site gets up to 1.6 million hits a month. Versi has talked with world pioneers from the late President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic, toward the late President Aslan Maskhadov of Chechnya, to Tony Blair.

Amid the primary Gulf War, he was a piece of a British Muslim assignment to Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia interceding for the arrival of British prisoners. He has crusaded for the privileges of female students declined admission to the college of their choice to wear the hijab. In Palestine, he was the principal journalist to record confirmation of armed Jewish pilgrims inside the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. He lives in Harrow with his significant other Tahera. Ahmed Versi is likewise the originator of the Muslim News, Awards, which perceives Inspiring Muslims, this is an exceptionally fruitful and most likely the preeminent award show in the UK as it perceives unsung heroes instead of just superstars and personalities.

Contributions / Achievements:

Founded & editor of al-Nur bulletin for Islamic Society, Portsmouth Polytechnic (1971)

Islamic Echo, month to month magazine for the Muslim Youth Association (1974)

Encounter area for Muslim minorities, Afkar-Inquiry magazine (1984-1985)

The Muslim News (1989)

Founder of the Muslim News Awards

Established the yearly The Muslim News Awards for Excellence to recognize the British Muslim contribution to society (2000)

Advisor, The Muslim Council of Britain Media Committee (1998)

Established British Muslim Women's Sports Foundation (2001)

Influence & Impact on the community:

Versi has been occupied with governmental issues and community undertakings since youth. He found that there was a great deal of prejudice on the planet also one of the methods for effecting change was by means of the media. Versi began a newsletter for the Islamic Society as at Portsmouth Polytechnic in addition to later composed for a youth month to month, Islamic Echo, plus different other Muslim magazines. He understood there was no medium for British Muslims to hoist their worries and contributions to society, in this way, with a couple of companions, established The Muslim News.


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