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Ahmereen Reza is a Country Director of Aman Foundation UK. She is the ex-CEO and now Director of the British Pakistan Foundation, an umbrella association that interfaces British Pakistani experts, philanthropies alsodevelopment organizations crosswise over Britain and highlights the worry raised by the diaspora. Beside Ahmereen Reza is the Founder of Developments in Literacy Trust UK, a philanthropy that educates young ladies, in remote plusrural Pakistan and finances Literacy courses for British Multi-ethnic minority moms of underperforminglearners in the UK. Ahmereen got her Masters from MIT with a spotlight on Community Based Sustainable Development at themasses.

Quite a bit of her work has concentrated on developing powerful group based self-improvement and gender equity programs, advancing group support, pushing for authoritative changes where essential, and distinguishing reasonable public-private associations for such groups. Ahmereen has led research on and worked with underprivileged groups in an assortment of monetary settings and socialstatus, including African American and Hispanic people group in the United States, Muslim minority groups in India and the previous Yugoslavia, lower caste Hindu people group in casual settlements in India, and the inside uprooted in the casual settlements of Orangi and Kalapul in Pakistan.

Contributions / Achievements:

Ahmereen was granted the British Communities Honors Award (2015).

Ahmereen got the Eurasian Award remembers her work with ladies &multi-ethnic minority groups in the UK (2014).

She was perceived under the Social & Humanitarian flag as 'Women of the Future'onthe Asian Women of Achievements Awards (2013).

Influence & Impact on the community:

She has created a viable group driven solutions, including self-improvement programs, advancing group backing, pushing for administrative changes where vital, and distinguishing manageable public-privateassociations. Ahmereen unequivocally has confidence in being and hatching ‘Agents of Change’. She heads ARC, a counseling firm occupied with social advancement undertakings, infrastructure, and group participation.


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