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Muslim Inspire is nothing without the support of the community. The entire mission of rests on your shoulders. Muslim Inspire can only transform into a powerful platform for promoting and supporting good in our society with your contribution To get involved simply send us a quick email on  with your name, area of residence and contact details. We’ll be in touch directly with details about how you can get involved locally. If there is a specific area of Muslim Inspire’s work you want to get involved with, then feel free to mention that too.


If you are interested in volunteering with Muslim Inspire, please send us a copy of your CV, details of your availability and details of the project/s which you would like to volunteer for. Follow our link in our work with us section or send to


We are committed to community development so if you would like to expand your skills set or widen your work experience, why not apply for an internship with us?All applications for internship should be either sent through the work for us section or sent to  Please include a CV and covering letter.


Raising awareness through your campaigning is key. Anyone can write to their member of parliament (MP) on issues that we are lobbying and campaigning for. Your MP is obliged to respond and the more local activity you can direct from constituents the more powerful your impact. Please follow the link on our Campaign section

Muslim Inspire in the Community

Muslim Inspire has a number of community engagement projects that we direct. If you are interested in getting involved in your area please write to us at telling us if you have a specific project in mind or if you would just like to get involved in any of our work

Send in a nomination for an Inspiring Muslim, Inspiring Org or News Story

As part of our mission to recognise, celebrate and promote positive Muslim contribution and achievement in the community we need to hear what’s happening in your area. We are interested in local people, local organisations and local stories. Please send in your nomination through our nomination section on the website. We also need regional ambassadors to be able to extend our reach locally, so if you have a couple of hours to spare every week get in touch at

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