MI Hub

To support the British Muslim community fully we propose an operating muslim hub to offer shared office space for emerging Muslim organisations committed to social change. MHub would inspire and support positive social change in the British Muslim community and beyond.

Likewise, MHub would bring together like-minded people and organisations that share a commitment to Islamic values. It would

  1. Offer space for people to work, meet and learn,
  2. Provide resources, development, training and events,
  3. Champion the work and voice of social change organisations.  

MHub would seek to be a diverse network encouraging participation from all sectors of the Muslim community and beyond. We would accept members without regard for their religious affiliation, political views, educational background or ideological commitments.

Our members would self-certify that they are engaged in pursuing social change and making a positive lasting contribution to society. MHub members would value experimentation, risk-taking and innovation as tools to reinvigorate the Muslim community and to discover new ways of making a contribution to it. In addition to offering residency for emerging organisations committed to social change MHub would offer Micro grants to provide individuals and projects with seed funding, advice and assistance.

For more information contact: info@musliminspire.com

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