Muslim Inspire is an independent Muslim Advocacy and Community Action Organisation established in 2014. We represent all British Muslims regardless of ethnic background, denominational affiliation, demography, social economic status and political beliefs. We our mission to promote Muslim values of social justice, equality, individual responsibility, and the imperative to make a positive and lasting difference. Muslim Inspire is a uniting force for strength, influence, effectiveness and lasting change.

We are often told that one of the great British values is tolerance. We are, of course, all for tolerance. But, like most people, we would much rather if tolerance goes hand in hand with understanding and respect. “a nation where Muslims are respected and understood, rather than simply tolerated” our challenges The challenges facing Muslims are vast, complex and inter-related that those working in representing Muslims must recognise the need to unify and collaborate for transformational and lasting change.

“We aim to recognise, celebrate and champion positive contribution and achievements from a unified Muslim diaspora”.  Furthermore we aim to quietly invalidate the myths and highly organisad negative narratives facing Muslims in the UK, and replace them with original evidence based research and facts. our response To make lasting positive changes for Muslim women, men and children living in the UK, and to achieve our shared vision, our communities must be joined up. We must make an impact on the views and actions of others, and our organisations must be effective. We will focus our efforts on:

  1. Connecting for Change
  2. Unifying our Community
  3. Maximising our Influence
  4. Strengthening our Diaspora
  5. Organised Participation & Influence

The scale of the task means that stable partnerships, collaborative approaches, capacity building, and working closely with others who support our vision, is central to our success.Inspiring Muslims, British Muslims, Commission & Achievements our text muslims inspire

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