Muslims in Politics Muslims in Britain have participated in many political processes – from the activist grassroots levels to higher political ones. This section begins with Muslim MP’s and moves on to mention journalists, campaigners, community leaders who have all left their ‘political fingerprints’ in society and contributed positively across the UK. Members of Parliament  The 2015 UK General Election outcome revealed that Labour has most Muslim MPs of 9, followed by the Conservative’s 3 MPs and the Scottish National Party who has 1 MP. Out of the 13 Muslim MPs, 7 are men and 6 are women. MPs with a Muslim background have increased (more than doubled) from 6 to 13 and from the previous Muslim MPs, only one candidate lost his re-election; AnasSarwar from Glasgow Sadiq Khan Labour Party Imran Hussain Labour Party Naseem ‘Naz’ Shah Labour Party Dr RupaHuq Labour Party YasminQureishi Labour Party Tulip RizwanaSiddiq Labour Party Khalid Mahmood Labour Party ShabanaMahmood Labour Party Rushanara Ali Labour Party NusratGhani Conservative Party RehmanChishti Conservative Party SajidJavid Conservative Party Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh Scottish National Party Barons and Baronesses in the House of Lords There are 10 serving Lords and Baronesses in the House of Lords. Some belong to a party and others sit on the Crossbench. The crossbencher is an independent or minor party member of some legislatures and therefore not aligned to any political party. Out of the 10 members in the House of Lords, there are 5 Baronesses and 5 Lords. WaheedAlli, The Lord Alli  Served Labour since 1998. Origin: Guyanese PolaUddin, Baroness Uddin  Served Labour from1998-2010 and is currently serving in the Crossbench. Origin: Bangladeshi Nazir Ahmed, The Lord Ahmed Served Labour from 1998 to 2010 and is currently serving in the Crossbench. Origin: Pakistani Amir Bhatia, The Lord Bhatia OBE Served Labour from 2001 to 2010 and is currently serving in the Crossbench. Origin: Tanzanian Mohamed Sheikh, The Lord Sheikh  Served Conservative since 2006. Origin: Kenyan SayeedaWarsi, Baroness Warsi  Served Conservative since 2007. Origin: Pakistani Meral Hussein-Ece, Baroness Hussein-Ece OBE  Served Lib Dem since 2010. Origin: Turkish Tariq Mahmood Ahmad, Baron Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon Served Conservative since 2010. Origin: Pakistani ArminkaHelic, Baroness Helic  Served Conservative since 2014. Origin: Bosnian NosheenaMobarik, Baroness Mobarik CBE  Served Conservative since 2014. Origin: Pakistani

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