In Stephanie Kurlow’s head dancing is something that brings the positive vibe to her life, and while this 14 year old is living out her dream in Sydney one may wonder what’s so special about her. Well, there’s one thing you’ll notice about her the minute you lay eyes on her. It’s the headscarf which she prides on wearing, and the idea of the world being measured to fit all of her ideas.
To some, Stephanie is the innovator, and to some, she simply combines two things, and she does a good job. Still a young girl, Stephanie has her goal set, and as any ballet dancer, she practice day and night. Her religion doesn’t stop her from doing it. On the contrary, Stephanie finds her strength in being different, in being modest while still doing something she loves, and there’s no doubt that’s a way to success.
Anything can be done when one is willing, after all, or religion is meant to be easy, not hard when it comes to the things we love. We shouldn’t give on our dreams and we definitely should misinterpret the religion itself. As long as we manage to keep things modest, being ballerina is totally acceptable and even something to admire. It’s not easy, but it’s worth a while, especially if that’s something that we believe to be our passion. Combining these two with religion is definitely a win.