Ademdin – programmer, virtual assistant

Location:Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hobbies& Interests: Everything about technology. I like computers, cell phones and any other form of technology. I’m currently working on programming, and I’m going to try programming in the future. Also successful on the Internet as a virtual assistant.

Chosen Ayah / Hadith: “Allah does not burden anyone with any of his possibilities.” (El-Bekara, 286)
“I can not do it, it’s impossible (something to change, to do, to achieve)!”, The words we often hear and which are one of the great reasons for the devastating state of the Islamic ummah. The root of these words is the state of mental disability, although the limitations that people impose on themselves are not real, but only umancy. Indeed, incapacitated minds only produce defeat.

There is no doubt that in life there are things that are impossible to execute. A lot of situations tell us that in life there are things that are beyond our means. However, this is not the subject of this speech, because otherwise we would be drawn into a long discussion and in the end justify the words: “I can not, it is impossible”, trying to give this illusion a justification and justification from the aspect of Islam!
Many generations of people use these phrases as guides that lead them through life, as a way of thinking that makes them accept the state they are in, while at the same time they feel satisfied because they can not do anything.

I’m amazed by the incredible backlog of people, regardless of his great potential for success and progress. I have thought a lot about this and I realized that the most common reason for this backwardness, though there are many, is the illusion that we can not do something, that it is impossible. This illusion has turned into a principle. We live in it and function in it.

This ayah helps me to realize that every goal is worth the effort and that we should strive to achieve what we are striving for in our lives, that is, in fact, Islam. We often look at Islam as a lifestyle, not just as a religion. However, Islam can also be viewed from another perspective, as the art of life. I say this, convinced that Islam allows us to live a life full of lungs, at the same time remaining within the limits of Islam.