Location: Ilidža, Bosna i Hercegovina

Hobbies & Interests : My interests are working in the non-governmental sector, working with children and youth, creating graphics solutions (books, posters, etc.).

My chosen Ayah / Hadith: Ayah: “Whoever obeys Allah and works with good deeds, awaits His reward with His Lord, they will not be afraid of anything and will not grieve for anything.” (El-Bekare, 112)

What we show in our heart (faith) by doing good deeds. The believer is obliged to give every good man a helping hand and to help him as much as he can and never make it difficult. Because the religious principle is to make things easier, not harder for us. True faith is the faith that manifests itself through doing good deeds. By doing good deeds, we demonstrate an uncompromising loyalty to our Creator. Only by work and good deeds we are preparing for Judgment Day. Allah, s.w.t. and the Prophet, (Peace Be Upon Him) will see our works. We must not disparage what we do because, indeed, there is some work that we do, we think it’s a small thing, but maybe Allah would reward us manifold, because Allah s.w.t. fulfils his promises! The health and time in this world that the Lord has given us we have to maximize.

A Muslim can not be satisfied with being good only for himself. Today is such that a Muslim must always keep up with the times. And how true is the modern Mulsim? Faith teaches us that in everything we must be best, that we do all the work we do in the most proper way. The regulations for which the Muslims are charged are not without reason. Regulations teach us precision, loyalty, awareness and respect. The Muslim must not be bitten by the snake twice from the same hole. We must awaken all our potentials and work on what the Lord has given us. If a Muslim lives through his life with the verse “Learn, in the name of your Lord,” he can not be on the wrong path, because he will always search for and seek for something better and more useful for him and for other people. For me Islam is the wind in the back, in Islam I find comfort. In Islam, I find strength. In Islam, I find sincerity and perfection. Everything our Lord orders us is not there for no reason and when we understand it only then we can make progress.