Awatef, Artist.

Location: Gaza City

Hobbies and interests: I’m mainly interested in drawing, painting, and arts and crafts. I love reading literature in all its forms. I’m interested in sports as well, swimming in particular.

My chosen Ayah: I live by the Ayah that says: “And mankind has not been given of knowledge except a little.” (17:85). This Ayah is a great reminder for me that whatever level of knowledge I reach can never be the end. I should never stop chasing any learning opportunities for you can learn from anyone and from anything. You can learn something from a story, from a little kid, form your peers, and even from just meditating on your own. Only Allah has the full knowledge of everything.

I have been gifted with the talent of drawing. I have always been into creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily for their imaginative, aesthetic content. I now work as an art teacher but I always seek developing myself and talent. Thus, I participated in a great number of art exhibitions both locally and internationally.

My latest local exhibit was hosted in the French Consulate in Gaza, it was my very first sole exhibition and it was a great challenge yet I was welcomed by the great numbers of people who visited and supported me. It was an exceptional experience. As for my international exhibitions, my works were presented in Jordan, Canada, Britain, and others. My work traveled to these places without me, I dream of standing next to my work, explaining it and seeing the appreciation in the eyes of the visitors. However, I’m deprived of this right as traveling out is extremely complicated and restricted.

In my work, I mostly focus on changing the theme and not sticking to one idea as to have an international view and appeal. Generally, in my work, I focus on the Palestinian woman, on how strong yet fragile she can be how much she suffered, and how much she endured. The Palestinian woman is one with great patience and mercy, with immense power; and I try my best to illustrate that in my work, to show her journey, and to demonstrate the hardships she goes through.

What motivates me is my faith in Allah. He gives me hope; the hope to travel accompanying my work whether internationally or in my own country.