Azra, Dental Medicine

LOCATION: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Great lover of medicine and science

CHOSEN HADITH / AYAH: “By the morning brightness. And the night when it covers with darkness. Your Lord has not taken leave of you, nor has He detested.”

It’s been always my word of console and strength to continue. We often fall into depressive situations, especially today, when we have everything, but in fact, we have nothing. The Qur’an is the cure, the Qur’an is the advice, the Qur’an is our best friend and speaker, simply said, the Qur’an has saved us and the Instructions for a Happy Life.

Every Qur’ans surah, each ayah, has HIS message and instruction. The problem is in us. We do not read the Qur’an enough, or we may read it, but we do not understand it, nor do we try to understand it.
The Qur’an ayah that I stated should be taught by every man, it has an extremely strong message, an extremely calming call, acts relaxing on a man, and gives him new hope, the hope of not being complete. In particular, psychiatrists would recommend studying these ayahs, I think this would ease their work with patients.

During my studies, I have acknowledged how perfect God is, and His creation – the human body. Every single cell has its own purpose, and only if all of them work together, and help each other the whole body will work properly. That is how Muslims all around the world should be, and Islam taught us how good we must be in our lives. Everybody has its own purpose but only if we work together, and help each other, we can become like we were in the golden age of Islam when we were at the peak when scientific, social and cultural works flourished.

No one has been created in vain; every man has his purpose, and each individual has his share in the community. In this way, Islam helps us to get out of depression, and look at life from another angle. From the corner where we all are important in some way.