Azra, Dental Medicine

LOCATION: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Great lover of medicine and science

CHOSEN HADITH / AYAH: “By the morning brightness. And the night when it covers with darkness. Your Lord has not taken leave of you, nor has He detested.”

It’s been always my word of console and strength to continue. We often fall into depressive situations, especially today, when we have everything, but in fact, we have nothing. The Qur’an is the cure, the Qur’an is the advice, the Qur’an is our best friend and speaker, simply said, the Qur’an has saved us and the Instructions for a Happy Life.

Every Qur’ans surah, each ayah, has HIS message and instruction. The problem is in us. We do not read the Qur’an enough, or we may read it, but we do not understand it, nor do we try to understand it.
The Qur’an ayah that I stated should be taught by every man, it has an extremely strong message, an extremely calming call, acts relaxing on a man, and gives him new hope, the hope of not being complete. In particular, psychiatrists would recommend studying these ayahs, I think this would ease their work with patients.

During my studies, I have acknowledged how perfect God is, and His creation – the human body. Every single cell has its own purpose, and only if all of them work together, and help each other the whole body will work properly. That is how Muslims all around the world should be, and Islam taught us how good we must be in our lives. Everybody has its own purpose but only if we work together, and help each other, we can become like we were in the golden age of Islam when we were at the peak when scientific, social and cultural works flourished.

No one has been created in vain; every man has his purpose, and each individual has his share in the community. In this way, Islam helps us to get out of depression, and look at life from another angle. From the corner where we all are important in some way.


Bekir – Theology student

Location: Tuzla, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

Hobbies & Interests: Football, video games, crime books, and movies.

Chosen Ayah / Hadith: Prophet Muhammed pbuh. said: ”If any of you becomes angry, let him keep silent.’’ He repeated this sentence three times.

To explain why I choose this hadith, I’ll write a short story, and my story explains everything. It is known who is the king of the forest. The lion is significant in appearance and is strong, and therefore he is the king of the jungle. The lion as a lion, king as king, strong and powerful ordered all animals in the forest to bring him food every day. That’s the way it was. every day they brought him food, he would have eaten and left the rest to other animals. One day foxes were supposed to bring food. The lady waited, waited, fairly hungry, and therefore he was angry and just when he went to ask her, the fox came, but her empty hands. “Where is lunch?” The lion asked. “Forest Excellency, I had no other way out, but what I brought to you gave you another lion that is stronger and bigger. That’s not all, he’s still saying he’s from now on the king, not you. That’s why I gave it to your lunch. “The lion, as hungry, was even angrier and asked the fox where the lion was. “Come quickly, show me!” The fox led him to the edge of a breakthrough, on whose floor was the water. When he looked, his figure appeared in the water. He crazed with anger and jumped without hesitation … At that moment he realized that he was caught in the trap of a deep breakthrough, and the fox began to laugh.

We can see what rage and angry behavior brung to the lion, nothing good that’s sure. So this is the reason why I always have this hadith on my mind. And this is part of life where Islam and Muhammed pbuh. helped me. Because of this story and this hadith I learned how to be patient, and how to ”hold” my anger in every situation I came to.

This may be a little strange comparison, or it is presented in the simplest way, but it is also relevant. How many times have we been in the position of a lion? I am sure, many times, in different situations with different people profiles. Every time I did something and I did not think before, or allowed hatred and anger to take hold of me, it had negative consequences for my relationship with other people. On many occasions, I have shown my anger towards my best friend, not taking into account that this is just the current state in which I am, and not what I really am and how I feel. For this reason, this hadith, or message of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. it helps me in my everyday life and maintain relationships with other people, and avoiding the troubles in which we can find ourselves if we allow anger and hatred to overcome and overwhelm our reason.

Why did the lion allow it to be deceived? The answer is simple, because at that moment, while he was angry, he did not take into account the fact that the job of a liar was to deceive, to squabble. The other thing, he took the wrong weapon for the fight, namely, that which is called anger. It was enough just one second to stay and see the situation, he would realize that it was a reflection of a lion, not a lion.


Ademdin – programmer, virtual assistant

Location:Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hobbies& Interests: Everything about technology. I like computers, cell phones and any other form of technology. I’m currently working on programming, and I’m going to try programming in the future. Also successful on the Internet as a virtual assistant.

Chosen Ayah / Hadith: “Allah does not burden anyone with any of his possibilities.” (El-Bekara, 286)
“I can not do it, it’s impossible (something to change, to do, to achieve)!”, The words we often hear and which are one of the great reasons for the devastating state of the Islamic ummah. The root of these words is the state of mental disability, although the limitations that people impose on themselves are not real, but only umancy. Indeed, incapacitated minds only produce defeat.

There is no doubt that in life there are things that are impossible to execute. A lot of situations tell us that in life there are things that are beyond our means. However, this is not the subject of this speech, because otherwise we would be drawn into a long discussion and in the end justify the words: “I can not, it is impossible”, trying to give this illusion a justification and justification from the aspect of Islam!
Many generations of people use these phrases as guides that lead them through life, as a way of thinking that makes them accept the state they are in, while at the same time they feel satisfied because they can not do anything.

I’m amazed by the incredible backlog of people, regardless of his great potential for success and progress. I have thought a lot about this and I realized that the most common reason for this backwardness, though there are many, is the illusion that we can not do something, that it is impossible. This illusion has turned into a principle. We live in it and function in it.

This ayah helps me to realize that every goal is worth the effort and that we should strive to achieve what we are striving for in our lives, that is, in fact, Islam. We often look at Islam as a lifestyle, not just as a religion. However, Islam can also be viewed from another perspective, as the art of life. I say this, convinced that Islam allows us to live a life full of lungs, at the same time remaining within the limits of Islam.


Sead – Student

Location: (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hobbies & Interests: Everyday socializing with my friends. I play basketball and football. Games and movies. Exploring the history of my country as well as the general history of the world.

My chosen Ayah / Hadith: “Allah will not change the condition of one nation until they change what is in themselves.”
This verse is the direction I’m trying to lead through life. Since the society I am surrounded it has picked up many immoralities of the modern world, this ayat can help us all to change our attitude towards life in general so as to be a useful individual to our community, and so that when we invest our maximum, Allah will help us to change our lives, and to bring it fully in line with Islamic guidelines.

What I want to advise everyone today is not to look at Muslims, but to learn about Islam. Islam is perfect and Muslims are not. Every man in the world has the ups and downs, mistakes and successes, and so also the Muslims through his history. Once they were at the top, today they are in the shadow of modernism and the West. Therefore, today’s Muslims are living Islam more and more, and more and more efforts are being made to modernize, so it is very important that someone who is trying to present Islam in a wrong way is not understood as Islamic. Islam is a religion of peace and no violence and terrorism. For the last time I repeat, Islam is perfect and Muslims are not, learn about Islam.

Islam is a religion that helps me to spend my whole life on myself and to improve myself every day as a useful member of my community. Only a community with successful individuals can survive. Therefore, Islam gives me the power to persevere in the path of acquiring knowledge.


Elvedin – Theologist

Location: (Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hobbies & Interests: I’m a member of music group named “Rejjan” and we’re singing religious songs. I’m enjoying playing many sports such as football and basketball. I was also a member of our high school shooting club.

My chosen Ayah / Hadith: “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” My religion is teaching me that people should always think about others and not be selfish in anything. Because when one society has high-quality individuals, even in small numbers, that community will become the same eventually. Also, this hadith is saying to us that humanity should always come first, and if we’re living according to this, we will feel inner peace. In this hadith is also a message that others have rights in our deeds and our lives.

Nowadays, the main problem for my religion is a generalisation. People are learning about Islam and Muslims through media, amplifying individual criminals and their deeds. This is very incorrect because the media is serving wrong information especially in the sphere of terrorism where Muslims are so many times represented as terrorists. Indeed, that is not true, because Islam is a religion of peace. But also, there’s one thing that should not be forgotten, Islam and Muslims are two different things. Islam is perfect but Muslims are not. Like every other human alive some Muslims also have carried out sins and it’s possible for him to make a bad decision. Having said this, people should not judge Islam and other Muslims through the sins of those individuals. The best thing we can do is to get to know the truth of Islam itself, ignoring mistakes of people who represent themselves and not Islam.

As a Muslim, as someone who is trying to live his faith and religion, I’m always keeping close to this hadith WANTING OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF. In that way, I’m making friends with like-minded people.

With my religion Islam, I have my light which helps me and guides me through my path of good. With Islam, I’m feeling the strength and I have a recipe for a successful life, and that is believing in God and believing God. And I’m sure after rain the Sun will rise again.



Location: Ilidža, Bosna i Hercegovina

Hobbies & Interests : My interests are working in the non-governmental sector, working with children and youth, creating graphics solutions (books, posters, etc.).

My chosen Ayah / Hadith: Ayah: “Whoever obeys Allah and works with good deeds, awaits His reward with His Lord, they will not be afraid of anything and will not grieve for anything.” (El-Bekare, 112)

What we show in our heart (faith) by doing good deeds. The believer is obliged to give every good man a helping hand and to help him as much as he can and never make it difficult. Because the religious principle is to make things easier, not harder for us. True faith is the faith that manifests itself through doing good deeds. By doing good deeds, we demonstrate an uncompromising loyalty to our Creator. Only by work and good deeds we are preparing for Judgment Day. Allah, s.w.t. and the Prophet, (Peace Be Upon Him) will see our works. We must not disparage what we do because, indeed, there is some work that we do, we think it’s a small thing, but maybe Allah would reward us manifold, because Allah s.w.t. fulfils his promises! The health and time in this world that the Lord has given us we have to maximize.

A Muslim can not be satisfied with being good only for himself. Today is such that a Muslim must always keep up with the times. And how true is the modern Mulsim? Faith teaches us that in everything we must be best, that we do all the work we do in the most proper way. The regulations for which the Muslims are charged are not without reason. Regulations teach us precision, loyalty, awareness and respect. The Muslim must not be bitten by the snake twice from the same hole. We must awaken all our potentials and work on what the Lord has given us. If a Muslim lives through his life with the verse “Learn, in the name of your Lord,” he can not be on the wrong path, because he will always search for and seek for something better and more useful for him and for other people. For me Islam is the wind in the back, in Islam I find comfort. In Islam, I find strength. In Islam, I find sincerity and perfection. Everything our Lord orders us is not there for no reason and when we understand it only then we can make progress.


Lamija – Student of management and organization

Location: Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hobbies: Singing, playing the cello, reading books, watching movies, member of spiritual music assembly, volunteering in a marketing agency, love to work with children

My chosen Ayah / Hadith : Allah SWT says, “You do not like something, and it can be good for you, you love something, and it turns out evil for you. “But Allah knows, and you do not know.” (El-Bakar: 216). Also, we have a hadith about this: “Know that all that touched you, it was not possible for you to pass, and all that passed by you could not befall you.”

“Do not be said about the bad things that happened to you, because you do not know what wisdom is, and the secret of everything that happens” Aid el Karni. If a man thinks well of his Creator, he will understand how He gives him a reward, or erases sins, with any temptation and trouble. It is the realisation that a sincere believer is always and uninterrupted in gain. And if he directs his thoughts only to this transient world, his misfortune will not end. Salvation is in the relationship between the goods and the Lord because only He knows the secret and the ultimate outcome of every temptation and an accident that occurs. After every temptation and distress must come to salvation, this is the law of Allah, like the change of day and night.

Dr Karl Pang in his book “Contemporary Man Seeking Himself” says: “The reason for the illness of every patient who has spoken to me over the past 30 years is the lack of faith and quivering in convictions. They cured themselves when they returned to their faith. “Man works lives and dies with faith. So, faith is a key aspect of my life. It helps me to realistically accept the circumstances in which I live and not to succumb to the troubles that life brings with me. Faith helps me to relieve effort, it makes it easier for me to bear sadness and gives me strength in weakness, in the end, it gives me spiritual strength and mental health.

What does Islam mean to me? Sometimes I ask myself that question. What is the difference in Islam? What is the main instruction in Islam? The answer is very simple, it’s hidden in Islamic greetings, and one source of prayer, wishing peace upon every other Muslim I meet when I say “Assalam o Alaikum” —  which translates to “may peace be upon you”

Islam is not a radical religion. Islam is the faith of peace, respect for people and their common life. That’s the main definition of Islam. I love to mention one quote every day: If Islam means being dedicated to God then In Islam we live and we all die. That is what Islam means to me, and what I would love to say about our religion.