This is a story about the man that is above everything Bosniak, and a man that simply will not let you say a bad thing about Bosnia, and the culture so old that neighbor countries can only be jealous. The man is Academy Award winner, and movie director, producer, and screenwriter and the man behind “No Man’s Land”so if you are looking for the man that represents Bosnia the way it is, and shares the tale about the struggle that people endured, then Tanovic is a man you need to look up, and his story is as impressive as the definition allows.

As he began his studies on Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, he was interrupted by the war; Danis joins the film crew and travels alongside the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina to document horrors this country is going to, so most of the videos that you find about Bosnian 4 year long war, were filmed by this man, and in the light of his recent work, Danis still stands behind the idea of Bosnia, the country where 3 different nations, 3 different religions, continue to thrive alongside with each other, building the world, where they all accept each other.

Most of his movies deal with the topic of unity, and the fact that Bosnia is far older than what people think, starting from the history before Ottoman Empire, and the status that it acquired during this era, to the fact that nowadays we live together, and share the country of blood and honey, as that is the real meaning behind the Turkish term “Balkan”, that is often associated with the Bosnia, and the old Bosnian Kingdom, as well as the fact that Bosnia has a rich history that should inspire us all.

Story by Muslim Inspire