Elvedin – Theologist

Location: (Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hobbies & Interests: I’m a member of music group named “Rejjan” and we’re singing religious songs. I’m enjoying playing many sports such as football and basketball. I was also a member of our high school shooting club.

My chosen Ayah / Hadith: “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” My religion is teaching me that people should always think about others and not be selfish in anything. Because when one society has high-quality individuals, even in small numbers, that community will become the same eventually. Also, this hadith is saying to us that humanity should always come first, and if we’re living according to this, we will feel inner peace. In this hadith is also a message that others have rights in our deeds and our lives.

Nowadays, the main problem for my religion is a generalisation. People are learning about Islam and Muslims through media, amplifying individual criminals and their deeds. This is very incorrect because the media is serving wrong information especially in the sphere of terrorism where Muslims are so many times represented as terrorists. Indeed, that is not true, because Islam is a religion of peace. But also, there’s one thing that should not be forgotten, Islam and Muslims are two different things. Islam is perfect but Muslims are not. Like every other human alive some Muslims also have carried out sins and it’s possible for him to make a bad decision. Having said this, people should not judge Islam and other Muslims through the sins of those individuals. The best thing we can do is to get to know the truth of Islam itself, ignoring mistakes of people who represent themselves and not Islam.

As a Muslim, as someone who is trying to live his faith and religion, I’m always keeping close to this hadith WANTING OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF. In that way, I’m making friends with like-minded people.

With my religion Islam, I have my light which helps me and guides me through my path of good. With Islam, I’m feeling the strength and I have a recipe for a successful life, and that is believing in God and believing God. And I’m sure after rain the Sun will rise again.