Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered a lot injustice in the 4 year war that diminished the Muslim population, and 20 years later, the war is over, but not every battle is, and as they say, the battles like these are those that matter and those that remain after the war. The story of this woman is not just a story of courage, or bravery, it is the story about the woman that until this day defies the aggressors, and the men that did her wrong, which in this particular part of Bosnia is an equivalent to government, as RepublicaSrpska, the northern part of Bosnia, and the region governed by Serbs.

As the war raged, Fata Orlovic, just like rest of community from these parts left to avoid being killed by Serbs, and when she returned to her property, she had a lot to see, as Serbs built a church on her property, and since that day the legal battle begins, so while Fata still tries to find a way prove that the church should be removed from her yard, as that is her personal property, other things occur, and she lives in the house next to it, in an abandoned village, alongside people that did this, alongside people that should be on trial for the things they did in war.

Every now and then, local Serbs visit, and Fata often founds herself in hospital as over the years, they attack and over the years she remains, alone, most of the time, but in a way an old woman that will not give up, as this is an example of Bosnian pride, and this is an example that not many dare to follow, as it is known that most of the people moved, even after the war, as they feared for their lives.

If you happen to be passing by when visiting Srebrenica, the place where genocide occurred, you willmost likely pass by her house and there she will greet you, offer you a cup of coffee and share her story, as she continues on, waiting for the court to rule in her favor, and fights those that intimidate her. Fata fears not and when you ask her how is it that she deals with all of this, she simply replies that she has to, and she may shed a tear, but will still remain in that house, waiting for justice to be served.