Kosovo is the small country located in southern Europe, relatively small traditional Muslim country that only gained independency recently and now is recovering. Wearing a hijab won’t get you far in this country yet some women decide to fight stereotypes despite the fact it gets hard. One of these woman is FatimeSopjaniMejzini, driving instructor, and a practicing Muslim woman.
Being a woman and a driving instructor is by the definition not something you’ll encounter in this country but being a hijabi on top of that is the whole new perspective.
Since she was young student, Fatime knew she wanted to be a hijabi, and when she finally decided to cover her hair, she faced judgment even though most of the population in her country is Muslim. Still, she thrives as Fatime is born to defy the rules old regime implemented, and her spirit is what inspires the masses.
One thing is for sure, Fatime is a true example of a fighter, a Muslim woman in the industry that doesn’t accept her, and the one making sure everyone knows her religion as well as her profession.
Fatime fears not of others and she knows that eventually, everyone will accept her, if nothing then for the way she handles the pressure and the job she still pursues alongside with the fact she is wearing the crown on her head, the crown many forget importance of.