For their own safety, the parents of blind children often lock them away in their homes, taking away any hope they might have of marriage, children and a normal life. They don’t go to school or get jobs. Instead, they are left to grow old on their own.


Human Relief Foundation is ready to change the perception of blindness in Somalia. We have three hundred children waiting to be educated in maths, English, science and religious studies. We are also going to teach them how to cope in the world without sight. To do this, we need to rebuild a school.

We need three hundred people to step forward and agree to sponsor a blind child in Somalia. It costs just £35 a month for one year to pay for one child’s education up to the age of eighteen.

If all three hundred children receive sponsorship, Human Relief Foundation can rebuild the Al Basiir School for Blind Children in Mogadishu, pay teachers, buy a school bus, provide educational equipment and accommodation and, best of all, show blind children that they can in fact have a normal life.