Giving Fruit Trees & Crops

Planting fruit trees and supporting village agriculture features high on our list of projects for village development. Trees provide food and shade. They benefit the environment and reduce soil erosion. Giving fruit trees and food crops are a simple and sustainable way to help feed feed and sustain themselves. Enabling agriculture is essentially giving people a livelihood, which empowers them to work their way out of poverty.

How it Works
Once our fruit trees reach maturity, they become a life-long source of food for a poor family. As a source of income they go a long way when nurtured with care. Families are able to sell or trade their surplus fruit and fruit products to buy other foods and needful items.

£10: This is the cost of gifting one fruit tree in Pakistan. Here, the climate can accommodate everything from apples and oranges to peaches and guava. £10 covers the cost of the your gifted tree, as well as transporting and planting.

What We Do
MGR runs the Giving Fruit Trees project in remote villages, across countries affected most by hunger and poverty. The fruit trees we plant vary depending on the region, climate and natural diet of the people who will benefit. In Gaza we gift olives. In Pakistan, the trees we plant range from mangos to apricots. Below is a list of the kind of trees we gift.