One of the things that keep on confusing the masses and people that decide to learn something about Islam, the religion of peace, is surely the fact that most of us wonder, why are the rules so strict in this particular religion? Or, what makes this religion so scary? What is it that drives people away from this religion? What is it that makes people thing this religion isn’t the easiest one to follow?

Even as practicing Muslims, there are times that we all face the questions that sometimes seem like a hard ones to answer. For instance, the concept of repentance in Islam, or the concept that most of the world misunderstands, the concept of Hereafter.

Basics are that a good ones go to Paradise and the bad ones go to Hell, but we all must agree that things go way deeper than that, so what is it with the concept of repentance?

Definitely, one of the things that makes us all wonder, is the promise that our Lord delivers on in the Holy Book and through his Messenger, the promise that everyone that believes in one Lord, or by simple words, is monotheist will enter Paradise. So this is it?

So if we happen not to be the best Muslims ever, Allah literally says, it’s okay, it will be okay, as long as you still worship me.

How is that possible?

Well, for all those that happen to be misguided about the Islamic religion, the concept of purgatory is a bit different in Islam. No we don’t have separate place where we’ll be cleansed by our sins, but rather, our Lord assures us, even if a great sinners, and so great that the only thing we have is the faith in one Lord and his mercy, we will be saved. By the definition, yes, we’ll enter hell and there we’ll cleanse of our sins, and then when everything is taken off, by the mercy of our Lord we’ll enter Paradise, and that, dear believers and on comers, is something that makes us different. One thing that you should understand is that the Hell isn’t what everyone says it is and Heaven isn’t what everyone says it is, as we don’t know anything about it. Only one who knows is the Lord and the Angeles, we aren’t given such knowledge, but we’re given something far more powerful, we were given hope and we were given Lord’s mercy, so as long as we believe in Him, the good shall prevail over the bad, and we shall, inshAllah, reunite in Paradise.