Human Appeal has raised nearly £170,000 for British people in need of support and aid during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The beneficiaries included the victims of the Manchester attacks, the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire and homeless people.

Human Appeal Chief Executive, Othman Moqbel said, “For British Muslims, Ramadan is the most important month of the year and when Muslims are at their most generous. And we, as the fastest growing British Muslim charity, are determined to spread our generosity with those in need here and at home. If there is poverty on the streets of Mosul or Manchester, Human Appeal is there to help. If there are death and destruction in East Aleppo or West London, Human Appeal is there to help. Wherever you are, whatever your faith is, in your hour of need, Human Appeal is there to help. This Ramadan has seen a lot of tragedy and here in the UK, we have seen acts of hatred attempting to cause division in our society. We at Human Appeal alongside British Muslims are determined to meet every act of hate with 170,000 acts of love.”

Samra Said, Human Appeal’s UK Domestic Programme Manager said, “For Muslim charities, Ramadan is the busiest time of the year; we get approximately 50% of our annual donations from the public during the month of Ramadan. This Ramadan, we have managed to raise more than ever before for people in need in the UK.”

The projects Human Appeal have conducted, which started on Friday, 26th May and finished on Friday, 24th June, are as follows:

Muslims for Manchester

Human Appeal responded to the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena on 22nd May by starting the “Muslims for Manchester” fund. Human Appeal collected funds for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack on behalf of the British Muslim community. The funds went towards the funeral costs of the victims and medical costs of the survivor’s. Amount raised at the time of writing is £28,134.

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Grenfell Tower Fire

Human Appeal helped provide water, provision of supplies, sorting donations, organised a unified live appeal fundraiser in coalition with Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid and National Zakat Foundation under Grenfell Muslim Response Unit to meet the needs of all families and any victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. We have together provided cash grants to families after needs assessments, provision of therapists, doctors, translators, legal representation, and food. Human Appeal staff have also acted as translators for Arabic and Somali speakers who had survived the devastating fire. The amount of money raised at the time of writing is £81,825, in addition to approximately £31,500 in pledged donations and approximately £5,000 worth of in kind donations.

Those affected can call Grenfell Muslim Response Unit on 0203 670 6004.

Ramadan Kitchen Project

In the UK, 8.4 million people, the equivalent population of London, are struggling to afford to eat. This Ramadan, Human Appeal partnered with UK food redistribution charity, FareShare to provide food to over 400 charities in London and Greater Manchester. These charities and community groups used the food donated to cook delicious and nutritious meal shared with 9,000 beneficiaries. Over 60 volunteers helped pack the trays of food with handwritten messages of hope and thanks to those helping to prepare and share the meal. The food went to hostels for the homeless, rehabilitation centres, children’s lunch and holiday clubs, lunch clubs for the elderly, community centres and refuges for survivors of domestic abuse. Human Appeal raised £10,000 to run this project, which took place on Saturday, 24th June.

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Help the Homeless

In Ramadan, Human Appeal raised £10,000 for Street Support Network, working together to end homelessness across Greater Manchester. Over 80 organisations in Greater Manchester were helped due to their dedication to supporting vulnerable homeless people. With nearly 3,300 people currently homeless in Greater Manchester, there is so much work to do.

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