Seema Aziz is an industrialist

Seema Aziz is an industrialist, a social worker, and an educationist. She founded CARE Foundation in 1988 to educate those children who would otherwise not have gone to school. She holds a Bachelor of Sciences and LLB degrees from the University of Punjab. She has also recently completed the prestigious OPM (Owner/President Management) program from Harvard Business School.

The CARE concept has blossomed and today CARE manages and runs 200 schools for 135,000 children. CARE receives no funding from any foreign donor agencies or from the Government of Pakistan. As an industrialist, she set up Sefam (Pvt.) Ltd., which manufactures and retails quality embroidered fabrics under the brand name of Bareeze. Seema is also the Managing Director of Sarena Industries and Embroidery Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. In 1985, She started off a business venture with her brother very modestly to prove that Pakistan can produce world’s finest fabrics. 25 years down the lane when Forbes published an article on the life and achievements of this Amazing Pakistani, she had proven much more about this country.
Contributions / Achievements:
She is the Founder & Chairperson of CARE Foundation.
Influence & Impact on the community:
Ms. Aziz is a prolific social activist. Seema Aziz is giving Pakistani children a brighter future. Businesswoman and philanthropist Seema Aziz have changed thousands of lives through her vision that it is every child’s right to have an education. Through the Care Foundation, she gives the children of Pakistan a brighter future. Her children have long left school, but hundreds of thousands more can thank a Pakistani philanthropist and businesswomen for their own education.