Al-Khair Foundation Chairman and Founder Imam Qasim has continued his whirlwind Ramadan tour – with a visit to Gaza following visits to Syria, Iraq and Myanmar.

The inspirational Imam personally prepared and wrapped food packs for locals whilst also giving a boost to the AKF team working tirelessly on the ground.

He then supervised the distribution to thousands suffering in unlivable conditions and battling severe poverty, malnutrition and disease before touring Gaza.

Imam Qasim said:”It is is unbelievable that I have reached Gaza. It’s been a really difficult journey but after almost two days, I am here. Remember me and my teams in your Duaas. May Allah keep us safe at this challenging and difficult time for the people here.”

Life is tougher than ever for over two million Palestinians, who are struggling with just two to four hours of electricity per day with little or no access to food, water and healthcare.

The breakdown of health and emergency services has put many lives at risk and water-borne diseases have been increasing because of power shortages.

Al-Khair Foundation’s inspiring humanitarian work is already making a real difference inside Gaza.

Al-Khair Foundation is making quality health care available to thousands of Palestinians through the provision of hospital medical equipment, hospital beds, ultrasounds and ENT treatment unit and recently completed construction of a four storey Al-Khair hospital, which serves over 600,000 people.

Mohammad from Al-Khair Foundation’s Gaza  team said “We are in the last ten days of Ramadan and we have been blessed with Imam Qasim’s visit after his successful journeys in Iraq and Syria. He is here in Gaza giving assistance to his brothers and sisters.”

A £50 Al-Khair Ramadan food pack feeds a family of 6 for a month and £100 provides medicine supplies to the most needy and vulnerable.