Not only does it provide us with the perfect opportunity to interact with the community, it also enables us to identify real life problems that the community is facing as a whole and then find a viable solution. A dirty landscape not only looks bad, but it also reflects poorly on the surroundings including the local residents.

Even though keeping a neighbourhood clean is a civil responsibility, often the problem has escalated beyond the grasp of the community and requires a large level of clean-up, which costs money. This is where Islamic Help volunteers come in.

We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities that allow us to serve our fellow citizens. Often the solution to a problem is not a financial donation but a donation of time. Islamic Help prides itself on having a very active volunteer team. They serve locally as well as abroad and are assisting in fundraisers, creating campaign awareness and conducting clean-up jobs amongst many other things. In other words, they get involved with the community on a much more personal level.

Watching a community improve right before your eyes is an amazing feeling. We urge all of our viewers and donors to get involved in volunteer efforts like the Cleanup Projects by Islamic Help.