Lamija – Student of management and organization

Location: Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hobbies: Singing, playing the cello, reading books, watching movies, member of spiritual music assembly, volunteering in a marketing agency, love to work with children

My chosen Ayah / Hadith : Allah SWT says, “You do not like something, and it can be good for you, you love something, and it turns out evil for you. “But Allah knows, and you do not know.” (El-Bakar: 216). Also, we have a hadith about this: “Know that all that touched you, it was not possible for you to pass, and all that passed by you could not befall you.”

“Do not be said about the bad things that happened to you, because you do not know what wisdom is, and the secret of everything that happens” Aid el Karni. If a man thinks well of his Creator, he will understand how He gives him a reward, or erases sins, with any temptation and trouble. It is the realisation that a sincere believer is always and uninterrupted in gain. And if he directs his thoughts only to this transient world, his misfortune will not end. Salvation is in the relationship between the goods and the Lord because only He knows the secret and the ultimate outcome of every temptation and an accident that occurs. After every temptation and distress must come to salvation, this is the law of Allah, like the change of day and night.

Dr Karl Pang in his book “Contemporary Man Seeking Himself” says: “The reason for the illness of every patient who has spoken to me over the past 30 years is the lack of faith and quivering in convictions. They cured themselves when they returned to their faith. “Man works lives and dies with faith. So, faith is a key aspect of my life. It helps me to realistically accept the circumstances in which I live and not to succumb to the troubles that life brings with me. Faith helps me to relieve effort, it makes it easier for me to bear sadness and gives me strength in weakness, in the end, it gives me spiritual strength and mental health.

What does Islam mean to me? Sometimes I ask myself that question. What is the difference in Islam? What is the main instruction in Islam? The answer is very simple, it’s hidden in Islamic greetings, and one source of prayer, wishing peace upon every other Muslim I meet when I say “Assalam o Alaikum” —  which translates to “may peace be upon you”

Islam is not a radical religion. Islam is the faith of peace, respect for people and their common life. That’s the main definition of Islam. I love to mention one quote every day: If Islam means being dedicated to God then In Islam we live and we all die. That is what Islam means to me, and what I would love to say about our religion.