Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said Ramadan is an important time for Muslims and they played an important role in giving support to the survivors and families of Grenfell fire.

Corbyn was speaking at the iftar in Al Manaar Mosque which is situated near the Grenfell Tower on June 4.

“This mosque has given so much to the community especially after Grenfell fire. It provided immediate response to shelter, provide food, clothes and long-term care such as counselling to the families who were affected by the fire.”

He added that the mosque “continues to play a critical role in the community, including by opening a dedicated Grenfell Counselling Centre.”

“I came here the day after the fire. The Tower was still alight. I saw people from faith communities already providing food and sustenance and help, a wonderful response by the community.”

Corbyn was critical of the local authority for failing to respond to the fire. “We need a better response from our public authorities and that is what I am determined Labour Party in government will achieve for people in every part of the country. Voluntary support was vital for Grenfell. There is no individual hero at Grenfell. The community as a whole and the response given as a whole is the hero.”

The Labour Leader was concerned about the rise of Islamophobia in the country.

“We see the rising cases of Islamophobia in the country. Hate crime has gone up by 40% in the past year. A third of all Muslim students in universities feel frightened as they may be discriminated against and some are under attack.”

He said in his constituency large number of Muslim women “suffer abuse on the streets or buses” and this is “totally unacceptable”.

“We, as a party, are opposed to any form of racism. We are a party of bringing people together. Diversity is our strength.”

The iftar was organised by the Labour Muslim Network.