Many people describe life as a competitive race in order to satisfy either their or others self-interest. We are surrounded by many famous role models such as athletes, businessman, and artists who inspire us to strive for excellence.  However, there are millions of other ordinary Pakistanis around the world whose hard work and self-determination are nothing but inspirational.

MunibaMazari; the iron lady; whose willpower and determination has allowed her to overcome all odds and showcase to the world that nothing in life is impossible.

Muniba was on her way to her hometown, Rahim Yar Khan, in Bolochistan when the driver slept and the car fell into the ditch. The driver jumped out of the car and it was at this point, Muniba thought she was going to die. The accident caused her to become paraplegic for her entire life.

She was in severe physical pain and was bedridden for the next two-years. She could not even do simple tasks like brushing her teeth and many close people to her had given up on her. She had two options in front of her; either to live life in misery or accept herself and use it as a motivation and challenge to live a happy life. Muniba through strong willpower and self-determination was one day able to take a massive step in sitting on a wheelchair. She took it upon herself to let the world know that a disabled person can live a happy life. Her passion was always art and she used this to overcome her physically disability. She first started a job as a content writer to earn money and started to paint to pursue her passion. Her art is a reflection of her life – the aspirations, the fears and the never-fading hope.

Today she runs her brand ‘Muniba’s Canvas’ which showcases her life story. She works with Toni & Guy in Woman of Substance’ campaign which makes her the first Asian wheelchair bound model. She also is a social activist and works with schools which focus on catering the needs of the less privileged children. She was the first Asian wheelchair bound television host to work as an anchor person for National TV of Pakistan. She was honored by BBC as one of 100 influential women from the world this year and currently, she is the UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women Pakistan to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Muniba should be an inspiration to us all; at one point, the accident and her disabled condition were memories that traumatized her and now they are the very cause of her living my dream. Muniba is an exemplary example that anything is possible; all it requires is hard work and self-determination.