If you spend some time on YouTube, we guarantee that her name will pop up among other bloggers, and you’ll notice a scarf on her head, in her own style, yet significant representation of Muslim women in UK. She is Dina Torkia, mostly known as Dina Tokio, half English and half Egyptian, the girl that made it the top 10 female bloggers list in UK. So how did she make it?

Nowadays known for her unique sense of style, Dina Torkia began her internet road at the age 21, and soon after she started online business by setting up her personal site Days of the Doll, where she used to sell her signature tassel scarves. As she grew up between London and Cardiff, this internet made star, had a huge impact on Muslim community in UK. Openly stating her religion as well as her Muslim ways, she continued to thrive, while breaking stereotypes that a married Muslim women are oppressed. Soon after she also started a channel with her husband, Pakistani graphic designer Sid Kaan, in which they, together, give their advice to Muslim community from all around the world, solving their problems live, while maintaining the anonymity of those who come for their help. In 2015, she gave birth to a daughter Hana, that couple decides to hide from the limelight, until she could make a decision for herself. In the same year, Dina Torkia launched her first clothing collection that was a huge success in UK and worldwide. In 2016 she was a main subject in the BBC3 documentary that covered Muslim Miss World event, so we can add that to her list of success.

Dina Tokio is a known practicing Muslim women, a wife and a mother, beauty blogger, designer, and a charming face. Her humanitarian actions as well as her status in the UK society is what made Muslim girls feel welcome in their own country, and gave them courage to wear a hijab with no fear of someone attacking them along the way, and that’s what makes her contribution that important. Not to forget the actual help, Torkia and her husband provide, in form of advice in the every aspect of life from the perspective of a young Muslim couple that also deals with the similar issues in the same environment.

If, by some chance, you never heard of her, or husband, be sure to check out their videos, and we assure you’ll find some useful tips for both men and women considering faith and everyday problems a Muslim community faces today.