MANCHESTER – Tributes have been pouring in for OwessMunir, 23, an Islamic Relief charity worker, who died in a car crash in Manchester, UK, Asian Image reported on September 4.

“{Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.} [Qur’an 2:156]. It’s with shock and the deepest of sadness that we inform you of the passing of OwessMunir (Community Fundraising Officer – Wales),” that’s how the official twitter account of Islamic Relief UK has mourned their member.

The charity organization’s statement also read, “We offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences and prayers to his parents and younger siblings.”

Munir was leaving the city center with three of his friends. He was driving a Lexus car when he hit a tree by accident on Princess Parkway. The three companion men were treated with serious and minor injuries, but Munir’s injuries were fatal.

“Owess started volunteering with Islamic Relief in 2011 aged just 16, supporting fundraising efforts. He got involved in the Cakes 4 Syria Campaign, street collections, fundraising dinners and raising funds for several emergencies,” the organization informed about Munir’s charity career who volunteered to assist a range of good causes.

“He then became a staff member in the fundraising team two years ago and since then has worked tirelessly across Wales and the South West of England to establish volunteer networks and further the charitable work of Islamic Relief,” the statement continued.

Humble & Unselfish Personality

“He wasn’t just a member of the team, but our little brother, a beloved and valued member of the Islamic Relief family. He’s known within the Islamic Relief family as someone who will always go the extra mile for you and would never say no,” the condolence statement showed.

“He has always shown extreme dedication to charitable causes, both overseas and in his hometown of Cardiff, and has touched so many people’s lives. In February this year, he traveled to Jordan to help Islamic Relief deliver blankets and warm clothing to Syrian refugees.”

“He was very popular with all his colleagues and was well known for his infectious positivity. He always went out of his way to make volunteers feel supported and loved.”

In fact, Zakat or charity is the Third Pillar of Islam. Being charitable and providing for the needy are important features of the Muslim character.

Several categories of charity are defined in Islamic Shari’ah, the two most important being zakat (obligatory charity) and sadaqa (voluntary charity).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Your smile for your brother is a charity. Your removal of stones, thorns or bones from the paths of people is a charity. Your guidance of a person who is lost is a charity.” (Bukhari)