No kidding, this girl is probably faster than you’ll ever be, and all that while being a practicing Muslim. Her name is Nudzejma Softic and she comes from the small country in Europe that has a 500-year-old tradition of practicing this religion of peace. Bet, you’ve never heard of Bosnia. Well, now you do.

As for Nudzejma Softic, she grew up in one of the hardest childhood stories, but that she ultimately changed that by building herself into a major success story in region. In a midst of war that raged in Bosnia, during the period of 1992-1995, she loses a father and then in the years to come, witnesses her Arab stepfather being imprisoned for the unclear reason.

But this girl didn’t give in, she graduates Bosnian Language and Literature in Sarajevo State University and makes her way, all by herself, by starting a career at Al Jazeera Balkans as language editor, and that wasn’t the end of it.She enrolls in the local running club and that’s where the real story begins. Until today, she’s been the only hijabi that ran the Vienna marathon and although this is only one of her many achievements, she didn’t stop there. The fact she carried all this out on her own is by itself remarkable and worth of our admiration, but she asks for no praise, even though herself has more medals than others in her category. She also plans to release a documentary on her success as a hijabi woman that combines faith with her passion for running and athletics in general while coping with a job as a language editor in the last few years.

She is also enrolled in the swimming club and as she says, will proudly carry out her country’s flag in the upcoming Full Ironman Triathlon, but that won’t be the only thing she’ll be carrying. In this upcoming achievement, she’ll officially be the first woman with a hijab that will do such thing, and as a practicing Muslim, she is one positive woman that sends out message of love and piece to both, her supporters and her haters. When encountering the mean comments at one of her marathons, she just laughed them off, saying that she enjoys the fact that she’s representing her religion in the right way and as far as she is concerned, she is. Her passion towards athletics and her strong faith is definitely something that continues to be an inspiration to all Muslim women in years to come as Nudzejma herself dazzles us with her simplicity, grace, not to forget her charm and beauty, which by far makes it her worthy of being a role model