Pakistan & Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

29 January 2023

CHARITY NAME: The Zahra Trust
CAUSE Humanitarian Charity


The humanitarian situation has reached a critical point as the death toll has sadly risen to over 1,000 people, 33 million people have been displaced, and thousands more have lost their homes and livelihoods.

These floods come after earthquakes in Afghanistan and targeted attacks on worshipers in Pakistan.

The consequences of these catastrophic natural disasters will be felt for years to come as already impoverished communities struggle to rebuild their homes and livelihoods, further entrenching them in the cycle of poverty.

These recent natural calamities are a severe setback for Afghan and Pakistani families already enduring chronic poverty, misery, and suffering before the disaster. They will now leave them with lifelong injuries and no place to live. Worse yet, tens of thousands of homes that remain standing have sustained severe damage and are in danger of collapse.

Before this natural disaster, Afghanistan and Pakistan were both already in the grip of humanitarian crises. Now people will be suffering from much greater hardships. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, economic collapse, and soaring global food costs have brought millions of Afghans and Pakistanis to the verge of hunger.

Our employees at The Zahra Trust have been working around the clock in the aftermath of Afghanistan’s and Pakistan’s floods to offer critical first aid. Our team is on the ground performing a thorough needs assessment and collaborating with locals to deliver immediate help and assistance to affected families.

The Zahra Trust has provided millions of people across hundreds of communities throughout the world with relief and development aid since its establishment in 2008. Still, our charity does not have the funding to reach every vulnerable individual. It’s through your donations that we can continue our work.

We are currently trying to help hundreds of people who have lost loved ones, homes, and livelihoods. Medical care and transportation for the injured, shelter and supplies for the displaced, food and water, and clothes are among the most imminent needs the country is facing.

We need your help to offer critical assistance to injured individuals who these tragic natural catastrophes have impacted.

Your donations to the Afghanistan and Pakistan appeals will support communities and people living in places with food shortages and a lack of healthcare. With your help, we will be able to provide life-saving resources to those who need them most and guarantee that there are resources in place ahead of future natural disasters.

Crisis of this magnitude do not resolve themselves without great action; they necessitate a collaborative effort.

The people of Afghanistan and Pakistan need our support now more than ever. We cannot abandon them right now. Help us reach vulnerable families suffering from this calamity. Every donation makes a difference.

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