DOHA: Qatar Charity has provided assistance to Yemeni students and families, who have been living in Sudan for several years due to the ongoing crisis in their country.

The aid included tuition fees and food items, which benefited some 3,500 people this year, said a release.

HocineKermache, director of QC’s office in Sudan, said the charity has distributed the basic food items to 10 dormitories, which benefited 1,000 students.

He added that QC’s aid also included the payment of tuition fees, as some students were not able to pay the fees of university studies, pointing out that some 10 students have benefited from this support. The distribution was made to ease the hardship of Yemeni students in order to encourage them to continue their education.

QC’s intervention came as part of its continuous efforts that it makes in the field of education to support the students in need across the globe.

Also, Qatar Charity provided food aid to hundreds of Yemeni families who moved to stay in Sudan because of the unstable situation in their country.

Some 400 families (more than 2000 people) benefited from the food baskets, which included basic foodstuffs such as wheat flour, corn, sugar, rice, oil, macaroni and lentils. The beneficiaries highly appreciated this effort made by Qatar Charity, as it contributed to meeting some of their needs, especially in such circumstances.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity, in cooperation with its international and local partners, has provided relief aid to tens of thousands of Yemeni refugees in Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya during the last years. The relief was provided as part of QC’s response to their most pressing humanitarian needs. The charity has already opened an office in Djibouti to offer humanitarian assistance to Yemeni refugees living in the country.