Sead – Student

Location: (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hobbies & Interests: Everyday socializing with my friends. I play basketball and football. Games and movies. Exploring the history of my country as well as the general history of the world.

My chosen Ayah / Hadith: “Allah will not change the condition of one nation until they change what is in themselves.”
This verse is the direction I’m trying to lead through life. Since the society I am surrounded it has picked up many immoralities of the modern world, this ayat can help us all to change our attitude towards life in general so as to be a useful individual to our community, and so that when we invest our maximum, Allah will help us to change our lives, and to bring it fully in line with Islamic guidelines.

What I want to advise everyone today is not to look at Muslims, but to learn about Islam. Islam is perfect and Muslims are not. Every man in the world has the ups and downs, mistakes and successes, and so also the Muslims through his history. Once they were at the top, today they are in the shadow of modernism and the West. Therefore, today’s Muslims are living Islam more and more, and more and more efforts are being made to modernize, so it is very important that someone who is trying to present Islam in a wrong way is not understood as Islamic. Islam is a religion of peace and no violence and terrorism. For the last time I repeat, Islam is perfect and Muslims are not, learn about Islam.

Islam is a religion that helps me to spend my whole life on myself and to improve myself every day as a useful member of my community. Only a community with successful individuals can survive. Therefore, Islam gives me the power to persevere in the path of acquiring knowledge.