The LFCT continues its support to the families who fled so-called Islamic State and sought safety in AlHamam village. The families consist predominantly of widows and their children. Five of the families are living in one part of the village which has suffered an acute shortage of drinking water this summer. The shortage of water has led to families fetching water from a nearby river – the same river they use for washing. This water is full of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

However, the LFCT has assisted the families living in this part of the village by providing a large water tank which will be filled up by the authorities supplying water to the other tanks serving the families.

The tank is set upon a concrete basis and there are taps directly from the water tank where families can fill jerry cans.

The WHO states that the absolute minimum water use per person is 7.5 litres a day. This doubles to 15 litres per person in an emergency situation. The new water tank will enable the families to comfortable reach these standards of safe and clean water.

The tank was installed just in time for Ramadhan and are due to be filled over the next few days by the local authorities.

Comments to the LFCT supporters from the families on the new water tank:

“Inshallah reward Trustees and LFCT supporters the health by AlZahraaa.s. They only ones that stand with us through our crisis”

“Please let Karim come again to us we want to see him again”

“You are saving our orphans with this project”

“May Allah keep you for our orphans”

The families who are living in this part of the village:

-Making concrete base for the tank 2.5m X 2.5m with highest point 80cm plus place for putting jerrycans and water pathway (250,000 IQD).

-Water tank with capacity (5000 Litres) (475,000 IQD).

-Transportations and carrying the tank costs (90,000 IQD).

– Total of the cost IRQ 815,000.00 /GB£ 547.00

Thank you to all supporters for their continued support towards the families living in AlHamam. It means so much that we can help them to get back on their own feet and become self-sufficient and live with dignity once more.