There was a time when Rosheen’s dreams were unrealistic and her confidence was nonexistence. Things have changed since those days.

Rosheen lives in a mysterious world today where her dreams are high, where her passion runs deep, and where she gets to experience two different worlds. Rosheen is the first female in Pakistan to become a Scuba diving instructor. She attained her training from Thailand and received a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT). She is currently the Director of Training at the Karachi Scuba Diving Center. Every day, Rosheen is overwhelmed with joy in training diving enthusiasts. Earth is created in a way where two distinct worlds coexist – one is the land and other lies under the sea. As a Scuba diver, Rosheen can go underwater and see this vast world. This is why she enjoys what she does because she gets to equip people with the skill to become part of both the worlds. As a kid, she always wanted to fly in the sky and becoming a pilot was the way to achieve this dream. This dream was short-lived as in those days, it wasn’t considered good for girls to get an education. Although she was unable to become a pilot, she did manage to reach the depths of the ocean.

Rosheen describes that when one goes in the sea, she sees those things, which are historical and have a history of millions of years. The sea world is very vast. The more you explore, the more you discover. It’s a never-ending world. Those first sights from underwater are still locked safe in her eyes. She hasn’t been able to forget that experience – the water was crystal clear and swimming with the fish, she felt like she was a fish, a part of the environment.

Rosheen has dived all around the world. She especially likes diving in Pakistan because she can find any depth she wishes for. Rosheen is bewildered when Pakistanis visit abroad and upon return proudly say that they did scuba diving there, saw this fish and that. But they don’t know how big and vast Pakistan’s coastline is. They can scuba dive here and discover so much. Rosheen wants to promote Pakistan and invite people to join the diving community. This will lead them to discover a whole new world and allow them explore and share their discoveries with those who can’t dive themselves.