In Islam, holy pilgrimage is something you decide on once you make enough money for that, and even when you decide to collect for it, most of the people tend to take care of the earthly things, and we cannot blame them, as people often only think about this world, and often we forget the fact that hereafter is not that far away, and that this world is a place that often deludes us with its joys, as well as the fact that faith should be cherished, in order for it to thrive, so the following story will be something that we all need to think about.

In small European country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, living standardsare not as high, and even when you live alone you need a substantial amount, so MuazCelenka, was no different, as his job as a waiter is not as grateful, but all of his custumers, in Morica Han coffee place know him as the kindest of the waiters. This man is also known as the one that has his praying corner on the inside, and almost everyone recognizes his prayer rug as soon as they enter, but that is nothing compared to the fact that this man, managed to save enough money for a pilgrimage to Mecca, at 22.

Most of us cannot even consider doing such thing while that young, but as Muaz says his road to hajj began years before, when he started working, after finishing high school. According to Muaz, he met up with an old friend and talked about the fact that he should save money to buy a car, or something else, so he decided to talk to him about it. His friend suggested to save up for the holy pilgrimage instead and that is how it all began, since that day, Muaz started saving his money, as much as he could, and as he says, since that day God provided, sometimes more than he expected, and few years later he finally saved enough to go.

His employers were more than happy to allow him leave for a month, and while most of the customers greeted him with joy when he came back, Muaz was a happy man as he finally saved up for the thing that he will use in the hereafter, as his investment, as he says paid off, and his life continued on the same way as before but now his heart is full of joy and nothing will be the same as before, not in his head.