What would you do if you were forced from your home, your life, your family? Could you send your young children off to work for scraps of food that won’t nourish their tiny bodies? That’s what Abu Sulehdar has had to do.

“I would do anything for my children. My boys should be at school but every day they go out to collect trash. It’s the only way we can make money. If they earn enough, we buy a bag of bread. If not, we go hungry.

We had a comfortable life in Syria before the war. We didn’t want to leave, but the conflict got worse, destruction was everywhere. We had to flee, it wasn’t safe anymore.

The first camp we went to in Jordan was okay, we had shelter and food, but then it started to get overcrowded. There was no water, or bread for my little ones. More people meant more diseases, and my children got ill. We had no choice but to leave.

That’s when we came to Turkey. Life is tough here. There are no jobs, no food, and no support for us. There’s nowhere for me to work, to earn money to pay rent or pay for my children’s education. My children can’t even play outside because they don’t speak Turkish.

We’ve lost everything. Our homes have been destroyed and jobs gone. What do I do?”

We wish this was a unique story, but this is the heartbreaking reality for thousands of Syrian families. You can help provide families like Abu’s with vital aid this Ramadan. Now is the time to give: https://donate.humanappeal.org.uk/appeals/ramadan