With your help, Human Relief Foundation would like to give 1,000 children in Pakistan the chance to begin their education.

From our permanent offices in Islamabad and Isakhel, we want to identify children most in need of an education and change their lives by enrolling them back into school.

We will supply the children with everything that they need including books, stationary and a uniform. As well as that, we will pay their tuition fees.


Human Relief Foundation has established three schools in the deserts of Tharparkar, Sindh recently.

121 students have been sent back to school under the program that works on the ‘One Room, One Teacher, One School’ concept.

In 2017, Human Relief Foundation is aiming to reach its target of sending 1,000 children back to school. For that purpose, the Pakistan team is looking into opportunities to establish 10 more schools in the drought struck area.


We are looking for one thousand donors to give £50 each to pay for the education of one thousand needy children in Pakistan.

We will also host a series of community workshops and public private sessions with the community on the ground in order to encourage them to send their children back to school wherever possible.

Your £50 could pull a child out of poverty. Through funding their education, you could alter the course of their life, taking them from certain struggles into adulthood and instead giving them a chance to work their way out of poverty.