If you, by any chance, haven’t heard of Mohamed Zeyara, now is a time, as this young Palestinian medical student and public speaker has quite a resume by now and his background leaves us in tears.

Raised in Gaza, Palestine, this young man witnessed the horrors that Palestine endures under the Israeli regime, and that’s what made him be the public speaker as well as a humanitarian that constantly works on new projects, and also is Outreach director at Pious Projects. Not to forget the fact he does all that while studying Medicine at College in Toronto, Ca.

His worldwide famous work is the collaboration with Bayyinah Institute, and the Inspiration Series, the series of short video embodying the problems that young people encounter, and the way to solve them through Islamic practice. So what is it that drives him to continue?

Well, Mohamed Zeyara believes that we all can make a world better place and that are obliged to do so in the light of our beloved religion that promotes peace and understanding as opposed to the way Muslims are represented in the media today. With the Arab charm and hard work, Zeyara represents our religion truthfully and what makes him unique is that he waits for no one, he publishes his thoughts on social media, activates the youth and all of those who follow him to actually do something about it, whether it is to share an inspirational video or to donate for his new humanitarian action, the fact that he reaches people is enough. His participation in the Inspirational Series project led to people converting to Islam, in the light of the message that he conveyed through it, the message of peace, the message that our beloved prophet ordered us to spread. While others try to diminish this faith of ours, Zeyara does the opposite, he uses his voice, and encourages the Muslim youth to the same.

If you haven’t had chance to check out on his recent work, do it, as you will find yourself motivated to make a change and after all we all need to e a change we see in the world even if a small act is done, it could be something that will get us into heaven and we all are obliged to do this, no matter the religion we cherish, as the universal peace is something we all look forward to.